REACH: Research Engagement, Awareness, and Conversations with High Schoolers

REACH is a science outreach group consisting of graduate students seeking to improve the image of scientists and inspire students to become involved in STEM careers. The program was originally sought to achieve these goals by making online media available to high school students that would include short videos outlining the life of a research scientist and recordings of guest speakers at high schools. The program now extends beyond high school students to community colleges, and University without PhD programs, with a focus on groups underrepresented in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic) fields. In addition to the online content we continue to develop, we also host virtual discussion panels of graduate students from Northwestern University. The panels are designed to be flexible and cover topics ranging from research being conducted to the everyday life of graduate students.

REACH Mission Statement  

  • Inspire students to become involved in STEM careers

  • Improve the image of scientists

  • Humanize scientific research by focusing on the lives of graduate student scientists

  • Provide opportunities for high school and college students to interface with graduate students in STEM fields

If you are teacher interested in having graduate student visit your high school or a film student interested in the helping with video series project, please contact us at with the subject line “REACH: Involvement Interest.