MORE@Evanston Township High School

MORE@ ETHS aims to provide all high school students with research opportunities. As it stands, MORE@ETHS is a non-traditional avenue of mentoring high school students; members of the MORE@ETHS team will have the opportunity to design interesting, low-cost research projects which will then be disseminated to an ETHS student/teacher mentor pair. 

The primary objectives of MORE at ETHS are:

  • To develop a year-long research program for students at ETHS

  • To give graduate students / postdoctoral fellows the ability to develop research projects for high school students, and help to execute those projects at ETHS

MORE@ETHS is looking for members who are interested in:

  • Generating ideas and write research project outlines

  • Revising written research project outlines

  • Creating tutorials for data processing, analysis and presentation

Email either of the MORE @ ETHS Program Coordinator) at with the subject line “MORE@ETHS: Information Request” for more information.